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针对COVID-19新冠状病毒疫情 TELUS家庭网络流量转为无限流量 如果您无法返回加拿大 即日起到4月30日前手机漫游费用全免(包括子公司Koodo用户)

As a technology company, connecting people is what we do. We know many of our customers are facing changes to their daily routines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have immediately implemented four ways to help our customers stay connected during this time:

Waiving home Internet overage charges. While the vast majority of our home Internet customers already have unlimited Internet data, we are waiving all home Internet overages through the end of April for those who are not on unlimited plans and have overage charges

Waiving all Easy Roam and Pay Per Use mobility roaming charges for TELUS and Koodo mobility customers that are stuck in areas with Level 3 advisories, such as China and Italy, and are unable to return to Canada through the end of April.

We will support our customers facing financial challenges because of COVID-19 by providing them with flexible payment options. We don’t want anyone to worry about not being able to pay their bill on time if they have been financially affected by the crisis.

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